Acknowledging and recording your thoughts and memories not only will give you a sense of joy and closure but will also help you witness the essence of the wonderful YOU.

It is this essence of who and what you are that you will be passing onto future generations. How many photo albums do you have? What memories and feelings are contained within? Who is that person stood next to you in that old photograph? Do you family and friends know the story behind the photo?

Photos act as a doorway into the world we call YOU. Sharing YOU is what "It Might Never Happen" can help with in a variety of ways. “It Might Never Happen” can help by annotating your photos and also digitising them if necessary.

We can also take a look at your family tree and record your families past history as this is another way of demonstrating who you are and where you have come from.

By its very nature your life tells a wonderful story for your family and friends and by sharing it will enables those who see it to see the known you as well as the unknown you.

Throughout your life there has been love and at times sorrow. Situations have given rise to comedy as well as teaching you life’s lessons.

The problems one faces moulds and strengthens your character. Your successes and failures have manifested itself in a variety of ways and with it has created a life journey which is uniquely YOU.

Through a series of interviews “It Might Never Happen” will help you build the framework of your biography. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to recount your memories and the associated feelings but will also act as a testament of who you are which can be then passed onto future generations.