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We believe it’s important that you know who you are dealing with and how we operate.

We are much more than just another Solicitor. We’d like the relationship to be a little deeper. After all, we may be involved in a very personal aspect of your life and we want to help. We hope to encourage you to look at us as individuals and help us to form a real partnership with you.

Everyone is different, and we need to check first that we are compatible. At Caversham Solicitors we are honest and embrace traditional values: we do not take on all potential clients that call us, equallyyou need to make a decision about whether we are the right Solicitors for you.

Our aim is for you to enjoy using us as your Solicitors and for you to receive the maximum benefits from our services. We want you to feel that what you pay us is value for money, rather than a cost.

Our core values are that we will always:

Provide you with the best possible service

Provide value for money

Keep you informed and up to date on a regular basis

Be approachable and considerate

Be friendly

Explain things in a way which you can understand

Phone: 0118 9478 638