What do we mean by asset cataloguing? Often when we think about writing a will we tend to think in terms of monetary valued assets such as the house, the car, bank balances and shares. These are your material assets however there are other assets which we hold dear and is often forgotten about during estate planning, these are essentially your emotional and sentimental assets.

This so called bric-a-brac contained in our shelves, draws, and closets contain within them your life’s energy. What we mean by life’s energy is that these inanimate objects carry with them time stamps of your life and with that comes your story. After you die what of these time stamps? Are they just put in boxes and taken to the local charity shop?

It Might Never Happen” can help you compile a granular list of these objects in order to assist you with deciding who should get what and why.

A bric-a-brac list of sentemental value

Photo Albums
Music Collection
Diaries and Journals
Post Cards
Love Letters